180 Things To Add To Your Bucket List

I remember the day I turned 18. I was happy, not only because I could drive without crappy restrictions, but I could do things like vote, or not have an adult with me when I go to certain places! How awesome was that? I mean, technically I never considered myself an adult. I was a…”Te-dult” a mixture of ‘Teen’ and ‘Adult’ sense I haven’t actually dealt with things like paying rent. Nevertheless, I was excited.

I could finally knock things off my bucket list. I mean, really knock things off. I was free to do whatever I wanted! I mean, within reason…

Of course, I also had trouble coming up with my bucket list, but once I got started I couldn’t stop. I just wanted to do everything.

So, here is a long, long, list of things to do before I die. Sadly, I know that I won’t do all of them, and I also know I may not want to one day, or It just wont happen. Either way, I listed it. Some of these are harder and more expensive – like traveling to another country -while others are easier.

Ready? Let’s do this.


  1. Visit most of the islands in Hawaii
  2. get certified for solo skydiving
  3. go spear fishing
  4. have sex in the rain what? You know you think it’s cool.
  5. get my first job ✓
  6. become fluent in Korean
  7. go hiking in the mountains
  8. scuba dive
  9. write myself a letter, seal it, and read it 10 years later
  10. visit a volcano
  11. live in a small town at least for a little while
  12. participate in an overnight interactive horror camp
    heck ya
  13. graffiti something [legal]
  14. visit Greece
  15. hike The Enchanted Rock in Texas ✓
  16. Vote in an election ✓
  17. Kiss a girl for the f**k of it. ✓
  18. post a video online of me singing
  19. dye my hair a crazy color ✓
    (blue, actually)
  20. earn a lot of money
  21. feel absolutely confident in my body
  22. participate in a foam run
  23. be an extra in a movie or TV show
  24. live the aloha spirit
  25. Go to a haunted house ✓
  26. own a jeep
  27. become a mother
  28. foster or adapt a child
  29. go on a cruise
  30. participate in an obstacle mud run
  31. go to the top of the Eiffel tower
  32. clear acne for good
  33. cross a suspension bridge
    (And not die…that wouldn’t be cool)
  34. build a snowman
  35. live in another state
  36. learn to ski
  37. race in the middle of nowhere
  38. walk on the great wall of china
  39. go on an early morning forest walk
  40. visit Ireland
  41. go on an African safari
  42. watch a meteor shower
  43. graduate high school ✓
  44. kiss a dolphin
  45. care for a litter of kittens ✓
  46. get a beach body!
  47. run a half marathon
  48. camp on a beach
  49. hose a photography day with my future children, or nephews/nieces
  50. find out my blood type ✓
  51. run in a human hamster ball
  52. plant a tree
  53. own, or co-own, a business
  54. go skydiving
  55. have a litter of puppies
  56. learn how to (really) play an instrument
  57. Get my first car ✓
  58. learn to surf
  59. have a snow ball fight
  60. go through an obstacle course
  61. run a triathlon
  62. go fishing ✓
  63. get a tan…and keep it
    (Says the whitest person ever)
  64. ride an elephant
  65. jump off a cliff into the water
  66. visit Japan
  67. swim in a lake ✓
  68. Go ghost hunting ✓
  69. backpack Europe
  70. ride a mechanical bull ✓
  71. visit Italy
  72. experience zero gravity
  73. climb a rock wall ✓
  74. go cage diving with sharks
  75. live in Honolulu, Oahu
  76. swim with sea turtles
  77. get a belly button piercing
  78. ride on the back of a motorcycle
  79. kayak through caves
  80. own a big house, or dream house
  81. Ride a horse along a beach ✓
  82. get my drivers license ✓
  83. eat healthier
  84. make an epic sand castle
  85. take classes on interesting stuff
  86. own a horse
  87. adopt a pet
  88. go paint balling
  89. visit Germany
  90. sleep underneath the stars
  91. go to a floating lantern festival
  92. go to a bunch of parties in a row
  93. visit California
  94. visit the white house
  95. somewhere, sometime, own a pet fox
  96. host a backyard movie night ✓
  97. donate blood ✓
  98. get a bachelors degree
  99. learn to ride a motorcycle
  100. walk behind a waterfall
  101. foster an animal
  102. participate in a flash mob
  103. participate in an escape room
  104. get a masters degree
  105. buy an expensive dress just because I can
  106. cover someone’s car in post-it notes
  107. go rock climbing
  108. send a message in a bottle
  109. take a long hike and watch the sunset
  110. own a husky
  111. Take CPR classes, First aid, and Basic Life Support
  112. learn to sew ✓
  113. go on a hot air balloon ride
  114. work as a standardized patient at least once
  115. go to the airport and take a random flight
  116. travel alone
  117. ride a horse without guidance ✓
  118. become a phlebotomist
  119. have a spa day ✓
  120. visit China
  121. do study abroad
  122. beach bonfire!!
  123. meet a celebrity ✓
  124. visit Oregon
  125. become a certified scuba diver
  126. get married in Hawaii
  127. walk through Japan’s tunnel of lights
  128. go skinny dipping ✓
  129. get healthy again
  130. capture lightning in a photo
  131. take pole dancing classes
  132. go camping
  133. bungee jump
  134. lose weight
  135. go to a (legit) concert
    (Ahem…seeing The Jonas Brothers at a rodeo is not a concert KIRSTEN)
  136. see the northern lights
  137. hug a lion
    (Why not?)
  138. make a couple funny stupid vines before vine becomes too lame
  139. have children
  140. grow old with the love of my life
  141. get my Ph.D
  142. visit Thailand
  143. go to a Renaissance festival ✓
  144. go to Hong Kong
  145. go to a rave and dance with hot guys ✓
  146. do go-ape
  147. save someone’s life ✓
  148. become a millionaire
  149. get my face painted ✓
  150. take a road trip with friends
  151. participate in a zombie run
  152. become famous(ish)?
    (What ever that means)
  153. get at least one tattoo
  154. go to a shooting range
  155. kiss underwater ✓
  156. visit a castle
  157. go zip-lining ✓
  158. start and maintain a garden
  159. “unplug” for 48 hours
  160. live in the woods at least for a little while
  161. make a 3D art sculpture ✓
  162. run a marathon
  163. visit South Korea
  164. get married
    (I mean, I guess.)
  165. write and publish a book
  166. be a volunteer for a disaster emergency
  167. go to the Bahamas
  168. go crazy and destroy something
  169. be a volunteer for red cross
  170. have a bonfire
  171. work as a kennel technician ✓
  172. go to any part of the UK
  173. learn how to use the jigsaw
  174. volunteer for a charity in a different country
  175. have a pit of plastic balls in my own house
  176. get really drunk ✓
  177. cross a riverbed by walking over a tree
  178. participate in a color run
  179. graduate from college
  180. visit times square

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