20 Ways to Have Fun Exercising

So, you decided you needed to work out. Maybe it’s because you want to lose weight, or maybe its just because you want to get fit and stay healthy. You probably already decided on what to do with your diet – after all, it’s 80% of weight loss – but now you’re stuck on exercise.

And you realize something.

You hate exercise.

Maybe you don’t have to.  Here are twenty things that can help you work out and still have fun. You don’t need to jog every day or do a thousand sit ups. (Okay, that was a little dramatic), but you do want to get at least a little exercise. The key to staying fit is doing something that you love – so what are you waiting for? Read this list, get up, and start having fun.

1. Create your own boot camp.

Set up some adrenaline-pumping music and make up your own boot camp. For more fun, do it with friends.

2. Rock climb.

Whether that means real rock climbing, or going somewhere to rock climb.

3. Walk.

Put some head phones on and start walking around the block.

4. Dance.

Set some music on and dance! The time will fly and before you know it, you’ve been working out for two hours!

5. Volunteer.

Volunteer and get active.

6. Clean.

Clean the house – not only will you get some exercise, but you will feel less stressed out when the house is clean.

7. Hike.

Go find a nature walk and hike. Enjoy the scenery, take pictures, and watch out for snakes!

8. Yoga.

Take yoga classes – or even Arial Yoga – or do yoga at home.

9. Check out online discounts.

Check out online discounts for activities on places like GroupOn.

10. Go Geocatching.

Geocatching is a fun outdoor recreational activity where you use your GPS to find specific things. You’ll need a car – and usually, the items you find are out in places where you have to walk. You’ll not only get some exercise, but its fun too!

11. Join a team.

Join a team and do a sport that you love.

12. Do what couples do.


13. Go Paint balling.

Run around, shoot people with paint, and possibly get shot yourself. Exciting, right?

14. Take pole dancing classes.

Pole dancing isn’t something that only strippers do, and if you take classes you’ll see just how awesome pole dancing is! Fun, and a great workout!

15. Sign up for an obstacle course race.

Who doesn’t like an obstacle course?

16. If you hate cardio, lift weights at the gym.

Honestly, I often hate doing cardio. But lifting weights? I find it mindless, to be honest. I don’t think much about it when I’m at the gym, and it can be fun too!

17. LARPING – Live Action Role Playing.

You may feel silly, but it will definitely get your daily work out in when your running for your life.

18. Bike.

Anywhere – in your neighborhood, on a nature trail, just get on your bike and go!

19. Swim.

Swimming laps uses all your muscles and can help with weight loss. Only problem is, it can make you more hungry afterwards. So, if you have a good amount of self-control, go for it.

20. Do Active Video Games.

Do active video games like Wii games and Wii-Fit.




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